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Boxer – Our exclusive contests and prizes make this a great machine!

BoxerA completely computerized Coin Operated Punching Machine is available in variety of colors and customized designs.

The power of your punch can be translated into 150 voice messages to measure the strength, speed and reflex and tournament.

The boxer machine is equipped with a big electronic display showing the score of each punch. It is a great game not only for one player but can be set up for three players up to 6 players at the one time. During the game every participant can see and compare his result with the top score on the separate digital display. The Punching Machine gives the best incentives for players to strike for the higher score and at the same time bringing more and more profits to you.

How does the Coin-Operated Boxer work? After you insert coins or a bill, you can select the type of game you want to play (power, speed, reflex, and tournament). In order to release the punching ball from the upper position you will need to push a start button. Short after the punch the player will see the score on the big digital display. Next, a cartoon picture reflecting boxer’s strength (e.g. a clown, superman, a boxer) will appear illuminated with special, very bright LED’s. In addition, players will hear a few minutes of music, sounds and funny comments after each punch.

Height: 88

Valley Pool Tables

Valley Pool TablesUnlike many other pool tables, Valley tables are made with one-piece, precision ground slate for flatness and true ball roll. In fact, every piece of slate undergoes careful testing to ensure it’s ground within 10/1000 of an inch. And if it doesn’t meet this criteria, it’s reground. Valley also surpasses competitive tables with additional features including: nylon-wool blend billiard cloth for long wear and smooth ball action; double reinforced fiberglass legs for absolute rigidity; heavy-duty internal support systems for durability; an exclusive one-piece polyethylene ball-return system for problem-free pool; and the list goes on.

Galaxy II™: “The New Generation”

Galaxy DartThe Galaxy II™ is Arachnid’s newest soft-tip electronic dart game. It contains all of the original Galaxy™ features and more! The Galaxy II comes with a flashy 15″ color monitor for easier viewing, and superb color graphics. It also has a whole new set of inventive “Speed Games” that are sure to add an exciting twist to the game of darts. In addition, the Galaxy II has a newly redesigned “Impact Resistant” cabinet that gives the game a brand new “futuristic” look that is sure to delight dart players around the world.

These dartboards are used exclusively in Cox Music leagues and tournaments. With the ability to communicate over the internet and display league information at the dartboard, they are the leading edge in league technology!

Touch Tunes JukeBoxes

TouchtunesMore Revenue With The Best Jukebox To Hit The Charts

Interactive, Engaging, And Addictive

Golden Tee Live

Golden Tee GolfMore Game Features than Ever!

Silver Strike Bowler’s Club

Bowler's ClubSilver Strike Bowling is the most popular video bowling game in on-premise entertainment. The realistic ten-pin trackball bowler can be found in over twelve thousand bars and restaurants in the U.S., Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and the U.K. Its lifelike competitive experience and straightforward trackball control has cultivated an army of nearly 5 million Silver Strike bowlers since the game was first released in the summer of 2004.

Up to eight players can play SSB at once, while enjoying three different virtual bowling modes of play. “Vegas Bowling”, the most popular play mode, adds a new level of competition by awarding playing cards for every mark a bowler earns. Additionally, it’s SSB’s realistic physics and 3-D graphics that form the foundation of its success, while the game’s competitive, yet casual, competition has continued to drive players to Silver Strike’s lanes.

Virtual Shuffleboard

Knock Off Virtual Shuffleboard Machine

Virtual Shuffleboard The latest shuffleboard innovation from the game pros at Arachnid Darts comes the new Knockoff Shuffleboard Machine! Now you can offer all the excitement of real shuffleboard action in a virtual game without spending thousands of dollars for a 22′ Pro Table, or time spent waxing tables, or losing up to 22 feet of your space !

Knock Off Shuffleboard Machine Features :