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Dart League – NDA Rules & Bylaws

Last updated fall 2012




1. The AMOA National Dart Association (NDA) is the sanctioning body of electronic darting dedicated to the standardization, recognition, promotion, and growth of competition worldwide. Memberships are processed without regard to race, color, religion, ethnic origin, or age. Portions of the following document have been taken directly from the NDA official guidebook.

2. Cox Music, Inc., a leading amusement service, offers many leagues to anyone in our broad coverage area. Leagues are created for the businesses hosting the leagues as a means to offer more entertainment for their customers. Players come from all over the Quad Cities and beyond to join our Dart, Pool, and Silver Strike Bowling leagues. These leagues are the intellectual property of Cox Music, Inc. We administrate and present the rules of play to the players and locations, but rule enforcement and standard game play is monitored at the player level. Cox Music, Inc. will, at the request of players, help mediate when necessary, but will remain neutral until our assistance is required. Our corporate headquarters can be contacted anytime during regular business hours to answer any questions.

3. Cox Music leagues are open to all players regardless of race or sex except for employees or representatives of firms seeking to cause the removal from locations, of equipment that is the property of Cox Music, Inc. or the addition of supplies, merchandise, or games other than those owned by Cox Music, Inc.

4. These rules are provided to all teams so that the teams may understand how to play. Failure to read or understand these rules cannot be used as an excuse to not follow them.


1. Locations are not required to provide bar rounds. The sponsors have done their part by paying sponsor fees, which provide direct benefit to the players and create the financial base for all trophy awards. In many areas, the providing of house rounds is considered “inducement” and thus can be a violation of state liquor laws. In addition, said house rounds can contribute to the cancellation of liquor liability insurance for the errant location. The reward for your involvement is a payback of 100% of league fees, not a free drink. PLEASE BE SURE TO SHOW YOUR APPRECIATION FOR ANY HOUSE ROUNDS YOU DO RECEIVE.

2. Start time is 7:00 pm; however there is a 15 minute grace period. If a team is not present for the match by 7:15pm the match may be considered a forfeit. All times are “true time” and not “bar time”.

3. Lineup order must be checked and OK’d by both captains before play begins. Lineup order may not be protested after play has begun.

4. Galaxy II league dart boards allow players to use the up arrow to backup turns if errors occur. This should only be used if agreed upon by both captains.

5. Only Galaxy II boards may be used to play in the leagues. If your scheduled dartboard is unplayable, contact Cox Music immediately for service or information on an alternate location to play. Any location participating in that league, with no match scheduled, may be used as an alternate, but only if approved by Cox Music.

6. Stats and schedules are available on all dartboards within a league. They can also be found on our website at Stats are updated as they are received – technical difficulties may delay stats.

7. Always check the standings for any special notices from the league office. These notes will be listed on the stats between the team standings and the player standings.

8. ANYONE NEEDING IMMEDIATE RESPONSE, PLEASE CALL (563) 386-4003 WITH THE LOCATION AND A PHONE NUMBER (PREFERABLY NOT THE BAR NUMBER) WHERE YOU CAN BE REACHED. A service representative will call you back and try to assist you in finding a solution. The service representatives will not, however, provide a ruling on any rule; they can only fix mechanical problems with the dartboard. Captains should be able to solve most problems regarding rule infractions on their own, but should continue the game and contact the league office during normal business hours with any further questions.

9. League representatives are only available during normal office hours – they cannot be contacted during the evening hours in most cases. A league representative will be called by the service department if necessary.

10. Any use of vulgar or inappropriate language or threats to our service personal or any league officer will be subject to penalties up to and including expulsion from all Cox Music leagues. Please do not argue or yell at service personnel as they are only capable of repairing the equipment, and not able to answer some league questions. This is why all captains should carry their current handbook with them during all league matches.

11. True, full first and last names must be used when entering a sub. Shortened versions (i.e. Tom ß Thomas, Bill ß William) are acceptable, but false names, initials (unless commonly referred to by them), or only nicknames (i.e. McLovin, Tubby, etc.) will not be accepted.



1. How to start a match

1) Coin up (you may coin up for the entire match, the machine will keep track for you).

2) Select “LEAGUE MENU” and choose your league.

3) Select the home team and modify player order if necessary. Lineup should be highest ranked player first and descending according to latest stats. If you are using a substitute player not listed on the screen you may enter them at this time by choosing the player to be replaced, selecting “NEW SUB”, and following the on-screen instructions. SUBSTITUTES MUST ENTER THEIR FULL FIRST AND LAST NAME IF A HANDICAPPED LEAGUE AND NO RATING IS AVAILABLE THEY ARE TO BE ENTERED AS A 1.70 MPR AND 15.00 POINTS PER DART.. This player will remain in the line-up for the entire match. Substitute players may only be entered at the start of a set.

4) Press “ENTER” if correct and repeat the previous three steps for the visiting team.

5) Final lineup must be OK’d by both team captains. Shooting order cannot be protested after play has begun.

6) Select “START MATCH”. Shooting order and scores will be handled automatically by the dartboard.

2. How to access schedules and stats

1) Cox Music will update stats as we receive them. Should any equipment have technical difficulties, stats may take longer to be updated. Once updated they can be viewed online or at the dartboards as follows:

1. Select “LEAGUE MENU” and choose your league.

2. Use the yellow arrow buttons to move to “VIEW LEAGUE STANDINGS” or “VIEW LEAGUE SCHEDULE” and select one by pressing the red button.

3. Choose your league from the list by using the arrows and selecting with the red button.

4. Use the arrow keys to move up and down through the schedule or stats.

3. Scoring on the electronic dart machine: “THE BOARD IS ALWAYS RIGHT”

1) The score recorded by the machine is the score that the player receives. The players accept that the machine is always right. The only exception will be on the “Last Dart-Winning Dart” that meets the following criteria:

1. The “Last Dart-Winning Dart” must stick

2. If the last dart does not stick and the machine awards the win, the machine is right and the game is over

3. The machine was displaying “throw darts” message and all other rules were followed. The, no matter if the machine fails to score, or scores incorrectly, the player/team will be credited with the win in that game. (Example: Player’s score is 24 at the beginning of his turn. His first dart hits and sticks in the single 9 but does not register or score. His second dart scores a single 15, leaving the player on 9. The third dart is then thrown in the single 9, but does not register or score. Since it was the “Last Dart-Winning Dart”, that player/team wins the game.)

4. A dart that sticks in the board but does not activate the electronic scoring may not be manually scored.

5. If there is any question as to whether the machine is scoring or working properly, STOP THE GAME. Do not remove darts or activate the “Player Change”. The team captains must try to solve the problem. If they are unable to do so, they may need to call the service department. If the situation cannot be resolved, play will need to be moved to an available board. Scores will be reentered and play will continue.

6. If a dart bounces off the board it is considered a thrown dart even if it does not score. It may not be thrown again.

7. If a dart is thrown before the “throw darts” message appears, the dart will not score and is considered a thrown dart and may not be thrown again.

4. Power Failure

1) In the event of a power failure, the machine will suspend all play.

2) When power is restored you will have the option to pick up where play left off or end league play.

3) Choose yes to continue league play if possible or no to schedule the rest of the games at a later date.

4) If the remaining matches are not played later in the season, win percentages will be used to award wins.

4) COST/FEE BREAKDOWN: Total cost per night is approximately $8.50 (see below)


1. Nightly league fees are as follows: Total 5.25


1) League fund (100% payback) $3.50

2) Banquet, Admin, Trophies $1.75

3) 50 cents per week of the $1.75 goes toward banquet food.

4) Game cost (cost of playing 15 games of team/solo/doubles cricket/301/501)……………$3.25


1. Universal play rules:

1) Players stand at the throw line, 96 inches horizontally from the face of the dart board. It is legal to lean over the line. Players may step on, but not across, the line.

2) Players may use their own darts if they meet the following specifications:

1. They must be plastic tip darts (soft tip)

2. Flights may be any length as long as the darts do not exceed 8” in total length

3. Flights may be no wider than ¾”, as measured from the shaft to flight edge, and may not have more than four wings

4. Complete darts may not exceed 18 grams in weight

5. Darts may not have broken or cut of tips

6. Darts may be inspected upon request

3) Each player throws a maximum of three darts per turn. Darts must be thrown only when the machine instructs to “throw darts” and the proper player number is lit.

4) It is not required for a player to throw all three darts on every turn. A player may pass or throw fewer than three darts. A player will always be allowed to throw all three darts unless a foul occurs or handicap prevents it.

5) Any dart thrown counts as a throw, whether or not it is registered on the machine. A throw counts if it misses the board and bounces out, or if it misses the board completely. A player may not throw the darts over.

6) The dartboard may be backed up, throw by throw, only if both captains agree that the backup is necessary.

7) Dropped darts are not considered thrown darts and may be thrown again.

8) Darts on the board may not be touched until the turn is over, the “Player Change” is activated, and the machine recognizes the end of the turn. The only exception to this is when the dart is in the board and the machine reads “Stuck Segment”. That dart must be removed under the supervision of the opposing captain before other darts are thrown.

9) Players and teams play each game in rounds. A round is defined as the period of time from the end of a player’s turn to the beginning of his/her next turn. On games with stacked teams (multiple players on one score), a round is defined as the end of a player’s turn to the start of his/her partner’s turn.

2. Cricket rules of play:

1) The game of Cricket will be played with a double bulls eye

2) The object will be to close the numbers 20, 19, 18,17,16,15, and bulls eye, in any order, before your opponent(s) and have the same or higher score, to win.

3) An outer bull’s eye will count 25 points and the inner bull’s eye will be worth 50.

4) All general rules will apply.

3. 301/501 rules of play:

1) The bull’s eye will count as 50 points.

2) All players will start with 301/501 points (unless receiving handicap points) and attempt to reach zero.

3) Players scoring more than the total amount of points needed will “bust” and the score returns to what it was at the start of that turn

4) When a player/team reaches zero the game is over. The winning team is the team with the lowest combined score (all team members). If the game score ends in a tie, the player/team that reaches zero wins. If a player reaches zero when he is “blocked” or “frozen”, they will not be credited with any individual feats (4RO, 6DO, etc.), and the win will be credited to the opposing team as a team win only.

5) All general rules will apply.

4. Rules of handicapped play:

1) During the first week of play, former players will start with a predetermined average and unknown players will start as 1.70 MPR AND 15.00 PPD AND THAT IS TO BE ENTERED ON THE DART BOARD BEFORE PLAY BEGINS.

2) After the first week, averages will change with the current average for the league.

3) The dartboard calculates the handicap each week – Cox Music does not calculate the handicap.

4) Players and/or teams with lower averages will be given “spot marks” for Cricket and “spot points” for 01. This means they may start with marks already on the board for Cricket or less points than their opponent for 01. These will be determined by all player averages in that game only. Cricket & 01 average will be separately accounted.

5. Fouls

1) The following constitute fouls. Committing a foul may lead to loss of turn, loss of game, loss of match, or expulsion from the league, site, or future leagues or tournaments. Cox Music will make all decisions concerning fouls without specific penalties outlined. The penalty for fouling, unless otherwise stated, is loss of turn for the fouling player.

1. Adherence to the general rules is required

2. Fouls must be called within the round in which the foul was committed.

3. Distracting behavior by opponents while a player is throwing is not allowed and constitutes a foul. Throwing on a non-coined machine is considered a distraction

4. On a thrown dart, the dart must make contact with the board before the player’s foot makes contact with the floor in front of the throw line or a foul has been committed. A player must receive a warning from the opposing captain.

5. It is the player’s responsibility to see that the machine is displaying the appropriate player number prior to throwing darts. Play is stopped immediately when the infraction is noticed. If the game starts and ends in the same order, the game stands as played. If the wrong player shoots in a game and the infraction is noticed before that player has started his/her second round, the game may be backed up or started over with the offending team responsible for any additional coining of the machine. If the infraction is noticed after the start of the next game, the preceding game will stand.

6. If a player throws while the machine is displaying an opponents number:

1) If the player has thrown fewer than three darts, the machine is advanced to his correct position by use of the player change button, and the player is allowed to throw their remaining darts.

2) If the player throws all three darts on the opponents number before the infraction is noticed, the player has completed his turn and the machine is returned to the proper order.

3) If a player throws out of turn and ends the game on that turn, his team loses that game.

4) The backup feature may be used in any of these situations if mutually agreed upon by both team captains.

7. If a player throws during his/her partner’s turn:

1) If all three darts were thrown, then the turn is completed. The machine is then advanced to the correct player position, and plays resumes, except that both players from the offending team lose their next turn.

2) If a player has thrown less than three darts when the infraction is noticed, the machine is advanced to their correct player position, and he is allowed to throw the remainder of his three darts. The machine is then advanced to the correct player position and plays resumes, except that both players from the offending team lose their next turn.

3) The backup feature may be used in any of these situations if mutually agreed upon by both team captains.

8. Manually scored points

1) on opponent’s score constitutes a foul. Advance player change button to the correct player position and continue play, except that the offending player will lose his/her next turn

2) on player’s own score constitutes a foul. Advance player change button to the correct player position and continue play, except that all players on the offending team will lose their next turn.

9. If a player reaches zero in a round in which that player or that player’s partner committed a foul, that player/team loses the game.

10. Any machine reset, tilt, or malfunction due to intentional or non-intentional player action may result in a loss of game for the team committing the action.

11. Abuse of the equipment, poor sportsmanship, or unethical conduct as judged by the league office may constitute a foul.

12. Any player found to be using overweight darts or otherwise illegal darts may cause the team to forfeit all games in the match that the player has played. The match will then continue with all players using legal darts. Any protest about the weight of darts must be made before completion of the 3rd game and will not be allowed once the match has concluded.

13. Disregard of any rules may constitute a foul.

14. All decisions made by the league office will be final.



1. Good sportsmanship should prevail during the entire league match. Introduce yourself to the opposing team and shake hands. Vulgarities are unacceptable and may result in removal from the location and team loss of games. There should be no demeaning comments about an opponent or their abilities by a team member or associate spectator.

2. Captains are responsible for the conduct of their teams and their guests.

3. The visiting team should have first choice of seating and table space for all rostered players. It is the responsibility of the home captain to facilitate the visiting team. Remember, you are the host and they are your guests.

4. A player, team, or their associated spectators may not behave in a manner as to compromise the performance of the opposing team. There should be no demeaning comments about an opponent or their abilities by a team member or associate spectator. Chanting, the repetitive use of a word or sound by team members and/or associated spectators will not be tolerated.

5. Players may be coached by team members at any time up until they step to the throw line. A player at the throw line may not be coached until the round is over or it may result in a loss of the current players turn.

6. League players may not shoot on any other board once play has begun. No practicing once the match has started.

7. Locations should not charge a cover charge or entrance fee to dart players during league play.

8. Players pay for their own games.


1. Team and player caps

1) Team and player caps are posted on all league posters and vary by league. All players on a team must meet or fall under the players cap individually as well as the team cap as a whole (exception: 75% rule – see below). These caps are used before a league begins to determine who may enter a league and may apply to new rostered players later in the league, but their rating will be combined with the original ratings the other players entered the league with, and not necessarily their current averages.


Sunday Darts 10.0 team cap / no player cap
Monday Lower C 5.27 team cap 2.19 player cap
Monday Upper C 6.57 team cap 2.19 player cap
Tuesday Illinois Only Handicapped no team cap 3.0 player cap
Thursday Lower B 6.77 team cap 2.59 player cap
Thursday Upper B 8.27 team cap no player cap.


2) Cox Music will pay all sanction fees to the NDA…

2. Team structure

1) A player roster will consist of 3 regular players and any quantity of substitutes. There are no limits to how many substitute players you may have on your roster, but they must all meet the caps of that league.

2) Players on your electronic roster can be changed, added, or removed only during office hours and should be done no less than 2 days prior to night of play. There is no guarantee that your roster will be changed unless you speak directly to the League Coordinator or League Secretary. If neither is available, leave a message, and they will get back to you within 24 hours – usually the same day.

3) No new substitutes will be allowed within the final 2 weeks of a league. Please add any possible sub before this time.

4) There must be more regular players than open subs in any match. This does not apply to subs already on the roster – only open subs. Player lineup cannot be protested after the match has begun.

5) Any misspellings on the programmed roster can be changed by Cox Music within 2 days. Remember: these are the names that would be placed on any awards. Do not type the name in yourself if already programmed on the roster – this results in the player having scores on 2 different names.

6) Any player must present identification when requested or may forfeit all games in a match. The player will have up to one week to show an ID to the league office if the match is protested due to the player not having identification.

7) Falsification or misrepresentation of a player will result in penalties up to and including forfeiture of the match or expulsion from the league. Cheating will not be tolerated!

8) Players should be at least 21 years of age. Underage players may shoot if they have the OK from all individual bar owners within their division – Cox Music will not do this for you – your team must take care of this. If an underage player attempts to play without permission or is caught drinking, it will result in expulsion of the league and Cox Music will not be held responsible.

3. Substitutes

1) There are 3 types of substitutes:

1. Rostered substitutes are already programmed into the dart board before play begins and can easily be called up on the board without typing in the name.

2. Open rated substitutes are not programmed into the dartboard and must have their name entered into the board at the time of play. These players have played in Cox Music leagues before and are listed within the seasonal ratings.

3. Open unrated substitutes are not programmed into the dartboard and must have their name entered into the board at the time of play. These players have never played in a Cox Music leagues and must meet team and player caps based on their current average plus the other two players’ seasonal ratings.

2) Open subs are held to the team and player caps within the league they are subbing in. The two regular players plus the open sub may not exceed the team cap. If an open unrated sub shoots too high, the opposing team may file a protest with the league office. A team could lose all games in which the sub played in and won, so be very careful when using an open sub

3) A ratings sheet will be given to all teams during the startup meeting. These are the official ratings up to the date of the beginning of each leagues and will include all leagues. If an open sub is used, refer to the rating sheet your team received to determine the team cap based on how the open sub shot. This sheet is valid for the entire season. Some examples of this rule:

1. Regular player 1 is rated a 2.12, regular player 2 is rated a 2.34. In a B league, those two players remain 2.31 below the team cap. The open sub could shoot up to a 2.31, no matter how the regular players shoot that night, and be ok.

2. Regular player 1 is a 1.71 and regular player 2 is a 1.63. In a B league, there is 3.43 left to the team cap, but the player cap is only 2.59, therefore the open sub could only shoot a maximum of 2.59

4) Open rated substitutes may be added to the team roster after the first night they play. The captains are responsible for verifying that the open sub (rated or unrated) meets all caps at the time play begins. Should Cox Music automatically add an open rated sub to the roster only to find this player is over the team or player cap, all games the open rated sub played in will be reviewed and may be forfeit. Captains should always be aware of the ratings of all players playing.


5) Open unrated substitutes might not be added directly to roster unless requested, however there are restrictions:

1. They are still subject to open sub restrictions the first night of play.

2. They will be considered a new player and would be rated after 33 games. .

6) If an open substitute is over the open sub restriction, a new substitute must be found and the previous open sub will no longer be allowed to shoot in the league for that season.

7) If the regular player the open substitute is replacing is present, the regular must shoot unless they have a substantiated medical concern that prevents the regular from shooting. Substitutes already programmed on the roster may shoot even if the regular is present without exception. This rule allows for set substitution if necessary.

8) Open substitutes must put the full first and last name in the board and show identification if asked.

9) Substitutes may only sub on one team within a league – they cannot play on more than one team.

10) Cox Music is not responsible for finding subs, but may be able to help if anyone has called us looking for a team to play on.

11) Set substitution is allowed within the limitations of the dartboard. Rostered players may be substituted between sets within a match.

12) Non-rostered substitutes may not outnumber regular players during any match.

4. Player ratings

1) Ratings are determined by marks per round. Current stats are considered. Cox Music reserves the right to declare anyone as rated or unrated.

2) Current ratings will be published on the Cox Music website and will be given to each of the teams within a league. These ratings are updated before the start of every league. All copies of the ratings sheet will be dated accordingly.

3) Ratings are a means to evaluate player skill levels, thus setting levels and caps for players and teams. These numbers are used to help create the best possible parity.

4) Players may appeal their rating on the basis of an error (such as input or identity). If Cox Music accepts that an error has occurred and approves the appeal, said player’s rating change may become retroactive up to the beginning of that season and impacts the player and their team accordingly.

5) 75% RULE – A player on a team may be up to 0.3 MPR over the player cap if the team total (top 3 averages of subs and/or regulars) is at or under 75% of the team cap for that league.


1. For example: Team cap is 6.57, player cap is 2.19 – top player is 2.41– combination of the next two highest averaged players added to the top player cannot be more than 4.93 (4.93 are 75% of 6.57).

6) Unrated players that exceed the player or team cap after 33 games MUST BE REPLACED.

7) Any player that plays as an open substitute that is rated in our system will be considered rated for any and all purposes within the league they played as an open substitute.


1. Captains should have a full team present for each match. If your team cannot make it, please contact the other team or the location of the match to give the opposing team the courtesy of knowing you will not make it.

2. If no other arrangements are made, the match will be considered a forfeit and wins will be assigned based on forfeit rules stated below.

3. Pre-scheduling may be done if acceptable to both teams – but BOTH captains must call and notify Cox Music before the regularly scheduled date of the match.

4. Any team filling a “bye” will be allowed to schedule the missed games. Cox Music retains the right to fill any “bye” within the first 3 weeks of play.

5. Cox Music must be notified immediately if a match is forfeit.

6. Rescheduling a match is allowed, but all arrangements must be handled by the two teams. The team asking for the reschedule is responsible for playing when the other team is available. Cox Music will not get involved in the process of rescheduling a match and will assign a forfeit if the game is not played before the last 2 weeks of the season, unless the match is one of the last 2 weeks.

7. If an emergency situation develops (i.e. tornado, fire, medical emergency) during a match, the match will be suspended and finished at a later date. If these games do not get rescheduled, the wins will be awarded based upon team win percentages. To suspend league match, unplug and plug dart board back in. The screen will ask if you would like to continue the interrupted match – choose no and hit the red button.

8. Any makeup game must be played before the final 2 weeks of play.

9. Any player involved in an NDA sanctioned state or national tournament will be allowed to makeup any match missed providing that player does the following:

1) The player or players that missed the match must contact the opposing team for the match they are going to miss prior to the scheduled DAY of the match.

2) The two teams must set a date for the rescheduled match The reschedule must be done before the final 2 weeks of the season unless the NDA tournament takes place during this time, then the match must be rescheduled and completed before the final match of the season.

10. All schedules will be played as they are scheduled unless prior authorization is given by Cox Music, or the hosting location.


1. Only major unforeseen circumstances will allow the relocation of a match.

2. Cox Music and the owner of your team’s location are the only parties able to decide whether the match will be relocated.

3. It is unacceptable to relocate because a player is banned from a location – the captains do not have the choice of choosing different locations once they have been sponsored by a location and must contact Cox Music immediately if there is a problem.


1. Forfeits

1) A forfeit can be declared 15 minutes after the scheduled start time – not bar time, except during the first week of the league. (During the first week if a match is not played, and Cox Music deems it necessary, the match will be rescheduled)

2) If the entire match is forfeit by a team please follow these procedures for inputting and paying for your half of the forfeit:

1. Follow steps 2 & 3 in Subsection 4.1 above.

2. Each player from the team should put in $6.00 to pay league fees, banquet fund, administrative fees and incentive fees…

3. When you get to the visiting team screen choose your team again so that the match would be your team vs. your team.

4. The board will ask if this match is a forfeit. Choose yes and select the captain’s name as authorization.

5. The forfeit will be date & time stamped at the time of the forfeit.

3) A forfeit will occur if 2 players of a team are not present after the designated grace period.

4) The players present must be listed on the original roster, a supplemental roster, or eligible under the open substitution rules.

5) The minimum number of players per team required to start a match is two. If two players are present the match can start and the missing player may join in at the start of the next game that player is involved in. The late player may not make up the game(s) he/she missed at the beginning of the match.

6) If one player is missing during any part of a match, the following will happen:

1. His/her singles game will be forfeit

2. The others players will press the red player change button to pass the missing player on any doubles or team game he/she misses.

7) How a forfeit is scored:

1. First round of multi-round division:

1) If the entire match is forfeited, the losing (forfeiting) team loses the total number of games scheduled for the match.

2) The winning (present, non-forfeiting) team receives their winning percentage or the minimum match wins (8 of 15 games), whichever is higher, if after the first two weeks.

3) During the first two weeks when no team has an established win percentage, the winning team will receive the minimum match win.

4) The team that is present must call Cox Music to report the forfeit immediately.

2. After first round of multi-round division:

1) This rule applies only to a double round-robin schedule

2) If the entire match is forfeited, the losing team loses the total number of games scheduled for the match. The winning team receives the number of wins they achieved during their previous match against the forfeiting team during the first half of the season, or the minimum match win, whichever is higher.

3) The team that is present must call Cox Music to report the forfeit immediately.

8) If a team “walks out” once a match has begun, the games played will stand and the forfeit percentage rule will be applied to the remaining games. When calling this partial forfeit in to Cox Music, give the wins, losses, number of games played, and number of games remaining to be played. The remaining team does not receive all wins for the remaining games.

9) Teams that forfeit two times in a season may be disqualified from league play. Repetitive forfeits will be investigated by Cox Music and all decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis.

2. Loss of teams

1) If a team drops out of the league before the ½ way point of the league, all scores will be deleted and money returned at the banquet to the teams that played.

2) If the team drops out of the league after the ½ way point of the league, only matches played during the second half will be deleted and money will be returned at the banquet to the teams that played.

3) If a team forfeits in week 1 and week 2, the sponsor location has the right to replace the entire team with another that meets the player and team caps of that division. This change must be done prior to week 3 and Cox Music must be notified 2 days prior to the game on week 3 to make the proper programming changes and to notify other teams. No penalties will be assessed to the replacement team and the games may be rescheduled for week 1 and 2.

4) If the location does not replace the team, Cox Music will consider this a BYE until week 3 has been played and reserves the right to fill the BYE with a new team.

5) If a team quits after the 3rd week, that team may be replaced by Cox Music, but the new team will assume all wins and losses played thus far. The players on the new team must be within the team and player caps. No previous matches (played or forfeit) will be allowed to be replayed.


1. Cox Music must be notified of all protests within 48 hours of the match to be considered. All protests will be reviewed thoroughly. Both team captains will be notified and their side listened to.

2. All captains are responsible for their team’s actions and should be able to settle most disputes during league play; however, if the issue cannot be solved Cox Music will mediate at the players’ requests. Once Cox Music takes possession of the protest, the league office will determine a final outcome.

3. All protests must include detailed information such as teams involved, date of match, players involved in dispute, and a discussion from both teams. It is beneficial that both teams include information regarding their stance on the issue to determine an outcome. If a match becomes too much heresy, Cox Music may request the match be replayed, may call a complete forfeit. Cox Music reserves the right to decide how a protest decision will be enforced.

4. All protests will be ruled upon by the league office according to NDA rules and the office decision will be final. The decision could take up to 10 day to resolve. Do not call the league office asking about the protest during this time, we will call you.


1. Banquets

1) End of season banquets will be held one week after the final night of play unless otherwise noted on the schedule. All banquets will start at 7:00 pm

2) The location of the banquet, as well as an alternate location, will be chosen in a random drawing during the start up meeting at the beginning of the season.

3) Every league location meeting the following criteria will receive one entry in the drawing for every team they sponsored:

1. Location must be a full Cox Music account.

2. Location must have seating available to accommodate the league members.

3. Location may not have hosted that division’s banquet in the previous season.

4. Location must be willing to host the banquet.

5. Location’s team has not dropped out of the league.

4) If for any reason the banquet cannot be held at the chosen location, it will be moved to the alternate location.

5) If the chosen location and the alternate location are unable to host the banquet, then the winning team’s location will hold the banquet.

6) If none of these locations can hold the banquet, Cox Music will decide on a location and inform the players.

2. Trophies

1) Please verify as soon as possible that all player names are spelled correctly. Trophies will have names on them exactly as they appear on the stats unless the office is notified before the final week of the season.

2) Only players that have played 80% or more of the season will qualify for certain awards.

3) MVP will be the player with the highest Cricket average, or MPR (must have played at least 80% of season).

4) Trophies are awarded to teams placing 1st, 2nd, & 3rd in most leagues, but will be subject to change at the discretion of Cox Music.

5) Each winning team will receive a sponsor trophy for their bar as well as individual player trophies for three regular players. NOTE: Extra trophies can be purchased at team expense for subs and additional players. – call Cox Music during normal office hours to purchase additional trophies.

6) In the event of a 2-way tie for:

1. 1st – Tie breaker will be the team who won the most games when they played each other for first , the team with less gets 2nd and one third place will be given.

2. 2nd – 1 first place trophy set, tie breaker will be the team who won most games when they played each other for second and the other team will get third.

3. 3rd – 1 first place trophy set, 1 second place, and tie breaker will be the team who won the most games when they played each other for third

7) Trophy awarding for ties may be changed at the sole discretion of Cox Music at any time.

8) Pins will be given in Monday “c” and North Scott Leagues only.


ANYONE WHO COMPLETED A FEAT AND WANTS A PIN CAN BUY ONE @ $2.00 A PIN.  Call our office for more info 563-386-4003